OpenCode '19
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Scoring Criteria

Each project will have issues open in it of varying difficulty and each issue will have points associated with it as below:

  • Rookie: 10 points
  • Skilled: 20 points
  • Advanced: 30 points
  • Expert: 50 points

How this works

  • Participants are required to solve the issues and earn points.
  • At the end of competition, winner will be declared from top 5 by judging the quality of issues solved by them.So the participant with the most points need not be the winner.
  • Projects registered for the event can be solved to earn points. All of them can be found at OpenCode Organisation with label opencode.

Our Goals

OpenCode was started with the aim to get more people interested in the magical world of opensource.


Increase awareness about the world of open source.


Get people started with Git and GitHub.

Community Building

Build a community of developers.

Improve Skills

Help mentors to improve their guiding skills.

Projects for OpenCode'19

Selena Gomez Discography

One Pager containing all of her albums, songs, singles :)

Project Link

Expensify -- An expense manager

A React Firebase App with an amazing UI to help manage all your expenses.

Project Link

File Creator CLI

A simple Command Line application which allows you to create files in your directory/folder, with all types of file extension in a more interactive way.

Project Link

Wall Street

A React Based Web App that allows you to trade virtually

Project Link

Kasper Music Player

The Project is a music player with an algorithm that would allow youtube music to work anywhere without any region restrictions and subscription costs. The tech stack of the project is ReactJS for the front-end and FlaskJS for the backend.

Project Link


"With various machine learning and image recognition libraries flooding the tech world, it is a simple website that contains a collection of some cool projects using one of the most popular library Tensorflow.js. From determining the key points in an image to controlling css objects using gestures, this project is a perfect way to arouse curiosity and attention of the new comers towards the infinite possibilities of AI. The issues will range from a number of basic css designs, website development to creating there own machine learning model. The Website currently contains only one project - ""Skeletal dance"" where a skeletal made up of css keypoints objects is detected using tensorflow library and displayed on the canvas. Another project is aimed to move css objects like a car or anything by detecting movements, example - hand movements. Further projects are also planned for making this website. Also no plugins or instalments are required. It is a pure browser based application."

Project Link


Just some fun you can have with facebook's archive data

Project Link


Analyse all kinds of TV series data, as a scipt or a webapp.

Project Link


Application for tracking Organs donations in hospitals and minimizing the scope of Organ trafficking using Blockchain (Hyperledger) technology.

Project Link


An open access journal that aims to ​ promote research among students in India from a very tender age​ . Built with Flask and deployed on AWS.

Project Link


Author image

People used to take any issue that comes their way, be it something they even haven’t heard about. I guess, that’s the beauty of OpenCode, it helps us let go of our fear of tackling problems without thinking about whether we can solve them or not.

Jigar Chavada OpenCode'18, Overall WinnerRead the full blog
Author image

Before Opencode I had a vague understanding of git and some basic knowledge of Python and Web development. But towards the end of it I got introduced to many technologies and coding practices. Thus, I can safely say that I have taken a huge step towards excelling as a developer.

Vishal Pani OpenCode'18, Top ScorerRead the full blog
Author image
Rahul Arulkumaran OpenCode'18, 2nd PositionRead the full blog
Author image

It was a great experience for me. I enjoyed a lot doing different things for the competition like opening issues, solving them, claiming issues opened by the organizers, creating pull requests. It gave me real happiness whenever my PR was merged.

Ritika Motwani OpenCode'18, Special Girls PrizeRead the full blog
Author image

I had joined GitHub just two weeks before OpenCode had started. Initially, I felt quite underconfident while taking up the issues. I went from being that underconfident guy to the guy who’s now comfortable enough to explore the beautiful world of open-source.

Ekansh Bansal OpenCode'18, Top ContributorRead the full blog
Author image

I started with adding myself as contestant in opencode collaborative website and then the journey to contribute more and more started. OpenCode ended with introducing me to new and exciting stuff like loaders, cool libraries like particle.js, making game with the help of javascript and many more things.

Ananya Agrawal OpenCode'18, Top ContributorRead the full blog
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